How to choose the perfect canvas size for your custom embroidered portrait.

If you're looking for the perfect gift, size does matter! To pick the best portrait size to suit your recipient's style and space without breaking the bank, consider their taste in art and decor first. Then think about how it will fit into its intended role; a larger work can be an eye-catching focal point, while smaller sizes blend seamlessly as part of existing collections. One thing is sure - with this foolproof guide, it won't be hard to find that special something!

When considering the recipient's style and space when choosing a portrait size, it helps to think about the existing art and decor they already have. Are their walls filled with large-scale pieces, or do they prefer smaller works that blend in? Consider the purpose of the portrait. Is it meant to be a focal point in the room or a subtle addition to the decor? The size of the portrait should match its intended role in the space.

When choosing the perfect portrait size for your recipient, it's important to keep budget in mind. You want to find a piece of art that is within your price range but still captures their personality and style. Consider how much you're willing to spend while considering any additional framing costs that may apply. This approach makes it possible to give someone a fantastic work of art without breaking the bank!

When selecting a size for your custom embroidered portrait, it's essential to consider the number of subjects in the photo. If multiple people or animals are featured in the image, you'll want to choose a larger size to ensure that the details of each subject are visible. On the other hand, if only one person or animal is featured in
the photo, you can opt for a smaller size. Small portraits (5x7) are best for a single subject, while our medium (8x10) portrait size works best for two subjects or a single subject with finer detail. Large portraits (16x20) are optimal for family portraits of 3-4 subjects.

When considering the number of subjects in a portrait for custom embroidery, it's important to remember that more than just people and animals can be included. Houses, cars, large furniture pieces, and other elements of a scene may also be considered subjects and should be accounted for when selecting the size of your portrait. Every subject deserves to be seen in full detail, so keep this in mind when choosing the perfect size for your custom embroidered portrait! The larger the size of the portrait, the more each element in the scene will be visible.

Also, consider whether the people and pets in your portrait are full-body or head-and-shoulder shots. Full-body photos require a larger portrait size to show each subject's full detail. On the other hand, head and shoulders portraits can be done in a smaller size without sacrificing any details or meaning behind the image.

Silhouette portraits are another attractive option for portraits for larger groups or complex scenes. With this style, all of the details are condensed into a silhouette drawing. This gives you more freedom to choose a size that fits your budget and space without compromising any elements in the scene.

The PitchAStitch Embroidery Artists can help you pick the perfect portrait size for your recipient. With their knowledge and expertise, they can help you find the best solution for any style or budget to ensure that your gift is something special that will be cherished for generations!

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December 12, 2022 — Laura Smith